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Word to text during sexchat

The Natural Reader Commercial version allows you to redistribute the generated audio files.This means that you can use audio files in You Tube videos, e-Learning modules, public announcements or broadcasts, or any other such business, public, or commercial purposes.In this walkthrough, you are not putting the Automation code on the customer card but are isolating it in a separate codeunit.Performance can be improved by putting the code on the Customer card because you do not have to open and close Word for each letter that is created in the session. If Word is already open when it is called from the code, then the running instance is reused.

This information is contained in the Company Information and User tables.

You also will initiate this processing and the subsequent processing in Word from the customer card. This ensures that you can successfully use the Word fields as placeholders.

This approach to mail merge is different from a mail merge that you can achieve with C/ODBC, which is better suited for bulk processing when creating a large number of letters. After you have transferred all the information, you must call the Active Document. In addition, while you can name the fields Customer or Address, you must reference them by indexing into the Fields collection of the document. First, you create a Word template that you will use to create letters to customers that qualify for a discount.

Automation lets you use the capabilities and features of Microsoft Office products, such as Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office Excel, in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 application.

In this walkthrough, you will implement Word Automation from a Customer Card in the Classic client and Role Tailored client.

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If you alter the order in which the fields appear in the template, you must change the numbering of the fields in the codeunit to ensure that the correct data is inserted into the appropriate fields.

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