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Things come to a conclusion with Chuu and Yves celebrating Christmas together and Chuu feeding Yves a strawberry, but then shows Chuu laying on the ground as if dead before she is revived by Haseul, a previously revealed member of Loona.

The immediate response from many fans of the group has been to see the music video as depicting Chuu crushing on Yves and the party scene depicting a burgeoning relationship, a rare case of a K-pop music video showing a lesbian couple.

The latest, Chuu, is part of the third and final subgroup of Loona, following the four members of Loona ⅓ and the trio of Odd Eye Circle.

After receiving a tip from a Clark County Detention Center inmate in May that Peplowski had an ongoing relationship with a local prostitute, Las Vegas police began a surveillance operation, according to a police report.

Her car had broken down and her cat was so stressed out that "he was licking out patches of his fur." The actress said she got a job as a receptionist but “felt like a failure.” 'THE OFFICE’S’ JENNA FISCHER BLASTED OVER INCORRECT GOP TAX BILL TWEET “The thought of quitting was constant,” Fischer wrote. I was humbled and humiliated.” However, the future star got her big break by landing a role in a sexual education video for mental health patients.

Fischer recalled the role in which she wore her own clothes and did her own makeup.

However, an estimated 85,000 people flooded the streets of Seoul this past summer for Korea’s Pride parade, the largest in the event’s 17-year history.

Actress Jenna Fischer, best known as Pam from ' The Office,' faced social media backlash after tweeting inaccurate information about the GOP tax bill and how it impacts teacher supplies credit.

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Explained via You Tube blurb as a song that “interprets the feelings of being in love” in “Chuu’s own adorable emoticon-like ways,” the music video shows Chuu watching, following and even taking photos of Yves.

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