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Add to this making H.323 with gatekeeper functional again, two registration fixes, and numerous other fixes here and there. We encourage everyone to upgrade to this latest greatest version of ekiga.

The next release will be 4.0.2 or 4.2.0, targetted mainly at replacing obsolete technologies and fixing remaining registration and communication issues.

As we do not have any ICE implementation yet, and as NAT is still a problem, we would like to implement Far End NAT Traversal on the new platform.

All of this should come with a brand new modern look for all websites related to Ekiga and

Few people know that alternatives exist, and even less people know that using standard tools allows doing voice over IP, videoconferencing but also IP Telephony.

The purpose of Ekiga has always been to be a mix between a simple chat application and a professional IP Telephony tool for the GNU/Linux destop.

Most webcam drivers were buggy, ALSA had not been released yet and full-duplex audio was something difficult to achieve.After 4.2.0, we will switch to using v12 of ptlib/opal underlying libraries and will be able to provide the much-awaited communication encryption and IPv6 support. Three years after the 3.2 release, Ekiga 4.0 aka "The Victory Release" is finally available.This is a major release with many major improvements.As a SIP softphone, it can completely replace hardware SIP IP phones and many people are using it as such.With the upcoming 5.0 release, we were very ambitious.

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The screenshots page has already been updated with the new official screenshots of the application. It is an important release, which has an overhaul of the main window, reduces startup time in some cases, supports latest ffmpeg/libav for H.263, H.264 and MPEG4 video codecs and fixes many other issues (but no security fix) since the previous unstable release 3.3.2 (released exactly one year before!!