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Every week, Richard Cobbett rolls the dice to bring you an obscure slice of gaming history, from lost gems to weapons grade atrocities. Ever played one of those games where you just have to pause, reach for a Post-It note and write "THIS IS NOT A FEVER DREAM" as a comforting reminder for the next time you need it? " probably isn't the greatest idea for someone who's likely to just end up trapped in an empty building if her backup plan works, this puts Stella in a position to grab a gun from under the sheets and take aim at Jack as he formats her PC and thus her empire...

Today, sex and physics puzzles meet for a quickie in an oddly familiar place. Meet Venus Hostage, a porn game sent from Russia with love. Here's the trailer, though I'd hold fire for the moment since it does give away a lot of the game, without actually giving any idea of what the blessed thing actually is. This is more or less the end of the game, and if it seemed pointless...

However, Venus is emphatic that she will not grow out of it — but that the look will instead grow with her.I'd joke about it maybe making more sense after downing a bottle of Vodka, but that would be cheap. Sometimes it tries to be more ambitious, and those sections are Start to finish though, it's a game that'll have you blinking at the screen until tears stream down your face, while constantly pitching its tent in that perfect bad-game buffer zone where the creators appeared to have enthusiasm but still made... it now turns out that the entire journey has been one big loop back to the room where Jack started. I'm not however saying it Venus Hostage is the Georgian Police of porn games - though there's almost no sex in it, and the most graphic scene is in the intro. And as if the whole "City 17" thing hasn't been lingering over the whole game so far, guess what he finds when he returns there... You push the servers over, domino-style, and he's down instantly. That has not stopped Venus attracting her fair share of online admirers, presumably some more dubious than others.It’s hard not to see a site like hers appealing to paedophiles, although Margaret insists she has proved effective in blocking any unwanted visitors.

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Why would I stop her doing something she loves, that she’s good at and that is doing no harm?

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