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Torah dating

They only saw what was surrounding them – pain, affliction, humiliation, and endless servitude.They didn’t have the ability to realize the deeper tragedy – that they were a nation with an incredible heritage and destiny, who were now trapped in a suffocating exile.Click here to receive a fascinating daily email containing Divrei Chizuk.And Click here to visit the incredible site dedicated to being mechazek people. Rav Eliyahu Lopian would repeat the following in the name of R' Simcha Zissel Broide (aka The Alter of Kelm), one of the prime students of R' Yisroel Salanter; A beggar once knocked on the door of Baron Rothschild to request financial assistance.He feels content with his situation and is fearful to ‘rock the boat’, so he fails to recognize the potential he has.

In fact, there are many people who lack leadership qualities, and would not do well as entrepreneurs, or being self-employed.The Baron was in a particularly sociable mood, and good-naturedly asked the beggar what he would do if he had all his money.The beggar’s eyes widened, “If I had the Baron’s money, I wouldn’t be going around collecting from door to door like I am now. If I had your money, I would have a beautiful horse-drawn chariot that would take me around town when I would go collecting from door to door.” Hashem instructed Moshe to appear before Pharaoh and instruct him to liberate the Jewish slaves.After the Torah records Moshe’s concern, it uses twenty verses to relate the entire lineage of Moshe, beginning with the lineage of Reuven and Shimon, then continuing with Moshe’s ancestor, Levi. and you will know that I am Hashem who is taking you out from beneath the burdens of Mitzrayim.”The four expressions of redemption symbolized a four-step progression towards redemption.Only after completing Moshe’s lineage, and subsequently repeating Moshe’s concern, does the Torah relate that Hashem replied to Moshe that indeed Aharon would be the liaison between Moshe and Pharaoh.burdens of Mitzrayim, and I will save you… Each expression represented another, deeper level towards eventual salvation.

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That is the message that the beggar conveyed to Rothchild. In his mind, having money would enable him to collect in style, but he failed to realize that if he had the money he wouldn’t need to collect at all.