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dancing flame (ma) x bullfinch (na) Materialist Confusing touch Sw, Sp, Cl, St Crafty donker Goody bag bemusoleum Bag o ‘ laugh x bag o laugh Enfeebler Yellow belly Sw, ha, Cl, St Gold Getter ===Rank D=== Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon Cannibox bemusoleum Goodybag (ma) x goodybag (ma) fear-monger desperado Sw, ha, Cl, St lootist Shadow Iceolation; Cragvaration (night) Cannibox (ma) x Teeny sanguini (be) Reaper Zammeister Sw, Sp, Ax, St hit squad Anchorman ?Dingaling (ma) x Dracky (de) materialist crafty Sapper Sw, Ha, Cl, St Gold golem ? 20) Enfeebler Close scraper Sw, Ha, Cl, St Gold Getter Puppeteer ?no prob (since you can use a program to emulate them).The screen is smaller and the li'l portable must recharge like the SP, but damn is it easy to carry around.2 Teeny sanguini at level 20 or more Frizz & Zap Early Bird Sp, Ax, Cl, St Strangely alluring Yellow-belly Firebird Necropolis Notso macho (be) x Yabby (na) Sizz & Zap Artful dodger Ax, Cl, Wh Crafty fire breather Cockateer ?Firebird (be) x Beetleboy (na) Bird brain Fly swatter Sw, Sp, Ha, St Pink Sanguini Dark World Cockateer (be) x Giant moth (na) Woosh & Crack Strangely alluring Sp, Ax, Cl, St Fast Learner Crafty Magical Saboteur Maniacal mole Wi-fi prize ?Wonder Construction Golde getter Sp, Ax, Ha, St Lootist ===Rank A=== Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon Gigantes Iceolation, Necropolis, Dark world pink sanguini (be) x Gorerilla (na) Anti metal last word Ax, Ha, Cl, St Big Hitter Crafty Decelerater Buffalogre ?

=== Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon Stormsgate citadel Get from wi-fi prize ? The Micro doesn't have backwards compatibility, but if you buy a flash cart.Alternatively, some recommend emulation on other platforms as an option.However, it just ain't the same for some games, especially Drill Dozer. games that were localized or released in the western hemisphere Box Art Title Genre Description Advance Guardian Heroes Beat 'em Up Received a lot of flak previously for not actually being "Guardian Heroes 2", but it's still a pretty good game.Golem x Balhib; Scorpion (na) x Dancing flame (ma) Iceplosion Slashes Psycho Sw, Ax, Ha, St Crafty decelerater Mecha Mynah Cragvaration Gold golem (ma) x Orc (be) Bird brain Artful dodger Sw, Ax, Cl, St fast learner Firn Friend Cragvaration Snowbird (be) x Mgmalice (ma) Woosh & Crack Crackmeister Sw, Sp, Ax, Ha, St Crafty Cracker ===Rank C=== Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon Goodybag X ? Firn Friend (ma) x Khalamari kid (na) All rounder none Sw, ha, Wh, St king kelp unshore Puppeteer (ma) x bodkin archer (be) all rounder rabble rouser Sw, Sp, Ha, St malevolamp ?King kelp (ma) x aquestrian gladiator (dr) woosh & zap Hit squad Sw, Cl, St rabble rouser Hunter Mech bemusoleum Metal slime knight (sl) x Lethal armour (De) anti metal metal beater Sw, Ax, Ha, St tactical trooper Golem bemusoleum Malevolamp (ma) x Merman (be) Materialist Psycho Sw, Ha, Cl, St Crafty Sagger ===Rank B=== Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon Magmalice necropolis Firn Fiend (ma) x Firebird (be) Bolsterer Frizzmeister Sw, SP, Ha, St crafty frizzer Jum ? 50) Uber Charmer Bouncer Sw, Ha, Cl, St Close scraper crafty confuser Psaro ? The GBA is backwards compatible with all the previous GB titles.

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Snowbird (be) x Wild boardfish (na) mime Hit Squad Sp, Ax, Ha, St ===Rank D=== Name Habitat Synthesize Skill Traits Weapon Teeny sanguini Dark World Chainine (be) x Soiker Hare (na) Frizz & Zap Strangely alluring Sp, Ax, Cl, St Fast learner night emperor Cragvaration Teeny sanguini (be) x Snail slime (sl) bad breath Artful dodger Sp, Ha, Cl, St crafty sleeper Fencing fox ?