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It is the pre-worn corset that we discuss here, for in each wrinkle, each fold and bend of the stays lies the story of the owner. It has double-lacing at the sides in the style of the Spirella 527.

Was the previous wearer a rich, elderly widow living out her days in a Brooklyn apartment, a thrifty Scottish woman retired to Ayr, or some elderly Dutch woman, her corsets strained to destruction by the vigorous daily cycling to the 'Simonis' fish market at Scheveningen. Firstly, my aunt was such a person in the 1960's, and secondly, the firm 'Simonis' operates the largest fish market in Europe, and until recently a shop of the same name sold corsets in the Laan van Meerdervoort. These were for post-pregnancy or post-operative wear to allow an abdomen robbed of it muscle tone to be returned to its original shape.

The corsets are made of exquisite materials which would not have been the cheapest in the brochure.

I suspect that the lady took pride in her appearance.

Most likely she would come from the south-eastern, predominantly Catholic area of Germany near the Rhine River.

The lady in question passed away in the late 1980's and had obviously suffered from a 'bad back' for some years.

Worn in the 1960's, the lady would be in her early 40's, well-groomed, elegant and with four or more children.

One can guess that the lady was probably born at around the turn of the last century, and would probably have experienced her first corsets as a teen-ager.

If she had worn corsets all her life, and many women of that generation did, she would be quite unable to live without them in old age.

The other suspenders have been replaced at various times as they have given up the ghost.

The corsets date from the late 1960's to the early 1980's and were worn regularly and tightly.

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The second corset (unlike the one in the photographs) shows all the signs of regular use, yet it has been well looked after.

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