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And of course there are a few breaks where Arabic coffee and desserts are served in between discussions.I found in this invitation a great opportunity to take a closer look at these forums after a long time of not attending any.The session was held at Al-Sha'arbuf's house; Al-Sha'arbuf is one of Iraq's best cardiologists and was born to a family famous for its great interest in literature and science; their house has been hosting such forums for a really long time and the consecutive generations of this family was keen on keeping this lovely tradition alive.Cultural forums are one of Baghdad's old traditional meeting places; these forums which are usually hosted by intellectuals, poets and social Baghdadi figures in their homes have never lost their distinctive flavor and in spite of the exceptional circumstances we're passing through, these forums remained alive and active and kept enriching the social, cultural life in Baghdad with ideas and discussions that preserve the position of the Iraqi intellectuals.Such forums are not clubs or institutions belonging to some parties or organizations; they're totally independent and kept being so through out the past centuries.

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