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Saint Thomas: “Thirdly, when any foreigners wished to be admitted entirely to their fellowship and mode of worship. For they were not at once admitted to citizenship: just as it was law with some nations that no one was deemed a citizen except after two or three generations, as the Philosopher says (Polit.

iii, 1).” Commentary: Saint Thomas recognizes that there will be those who will want to stay and become citizens of the lands they visit.

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Does his opinion offer some insights to the burning issues now shaking the nation and blurring the national borders? There one finds his analysis based on biblical insights that can add to the national debate. Saint Thomas: “Man’s relations with foreigners are twofold: peaceful, and hostile: and in directing both kinds of relation the Law contained suitable precepts.” Commentary: In making this affirmation, Saint Thomas affirms that not all immigrants are equal.The machine asks for the name, email address and brief message about why you want Pinterest to contact you.We assume hundreds of calls or more come in every day so this is a simple means of filtering through the calls.The second thing he affirms is that the manner of dealing with immigration is determined by law in the cases of both beneficial and “hostile” immigration. Saint Thomas: “For the Jews were offered three opportunities of peaceful relations with foreigners.First, when foreigners passed through their land as travelers.

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