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Pitcher piano speed dating tunbridge wells

The cache of coins was discovered hidden in the back of a dusty drawer by National Trust staff who had no idea they were there.

The two had been family friends growing up, but after Amir returned, they became closer, living together in the suburbs of Detroit and turning to one another for business advice.

There are Smiggle stores at Bluewater, Maidstone, Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells.

Experts from the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) believe 18 of the coins are rare examples.

Julian Bowsher, a MOLA coin specialist, said the find was 'significant and diverse'.'A particular highlight was seeing Roman coins that rarely appear in Britain, such as those of the third century emperors Balbinus, Pupienus and Aemilian, none of whom ruled for more than a year,' he added.

The group who made the find have unearthed other valuable artefacts in drawers, cupboards and mansion archives since the National Trust opened Scotney in 2007.

Dating from between 600 and 550 BC it is the only Greek-origin coin at Scotney Castle.

A Welsh penny coin, forged in 1787, features a druid and is inscribed with the words 'We promise to pay the bearer one penny, 1787'.

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