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But are thick diapers and plastic pants really necessary?The advertising for adult diapers would have one believing that these highly absorbent, thin products allow you relieve yourself in undetectable comfort while running a marathon.

It sounds as if you and John have that rare, shared confidential knowledge that is known only by the two of you.I don’t think your medical history requires your sitting the kids down and saying, “Kids before I had you, I really didn’t want you, so I went to a doctor …” Maybe when the kids are old enough, and you are having a discussion about how people’s minds can change about you want out of life, you can say that when you were younger you didn’t even think you wanted children—which still doesn’t require your saying you didn’t want them so much you got snipped.If relatives talk to your children about your vasectomy (notice to relatives: There is no reason you would talk to kids about their father’s reversed vasectomy) then just handle it straightforwardly.A: I don’t think you should spill about daddy’s Dy-Dee.Not because it’s shameful, but because unless his son also suffers from enuresis, this is a private matter.

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You and he had a lovely and healing interlude at a time of great pain for you both then parted with affection.