Infp dating

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Infp dating

It is partially true that INFPs generally prefer to fit in, without making waves, and avoid conflict as much as possible.

Others may think that INFPs have a passive approach to life: They want to live their life according to their own rules and are happy to let others live the way they please.

Young INFPs aren’t much into following rules, but they aren’t openly rebellious either.

Because of their creative inclination, they don’t usually follow instructions precisely and may appear inattentive.

They will typically wait for their ideal mate for a long time, and even then they might be having second thoughts regarding their partner’s suitability.

It’s almost like they have a mental checklist of physical and psychological traits they want to see in their partner; once that partner appears, they observe them carefully and take mental notes of anything that isn’t according to their checklist.

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While some types will be blown away by such gesture, there are plenty of others who wouldn’t get excited at the prospect of, let’s say, wearing an old-fashioned ring that belonged to the INFP’s grandmother.

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