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Sharing the same connotation as mutability or the transience of human life, the movie is christened as Anitya.It is a love story, but it goes beyond the sloppy, juvenile romantic stories that you see everyday. I hope it will capture the hearts of the younger generation, Nalaka said.The most important thing is that we get the opportunity to meet many world famous film directors and many other personalities who are directly involved with the film industry.It opens many avenues for an upcoming film-maker to bring his or her production to the world.Cinema is a good medium to articulate the complex human inner desires, suppressions, violence or any other critical aspects of life in an aesthetic manner.Though it is rather doubtful, Sanjeewa Pushpakumara was able to portray his self expression through his debut feature Flying Fish (Igillena Maluwo), which is yet to be screened in Sri Lanka.After discussing with my local producer, we decided to proceed and today I think it was a wise decision because Flying Fish was able to achieve global recognition.

The only reason I do films is because I have stories to share with my own people. Andre Bazin tries to find the answer in his book What is cinema? Tarkovskys book Sculpting in time embarks on the same quest.Flying Fish also received the attention of many international film critics due to its controversial approach.When British film critic and writer Tony Rayns identified Pushpakumara as the first true modernist of Sri Lankan cinema, American film critic Jay Weissberg said Pushpakumara wants to give Flying Fish a narrative despite having little sense of constructing one story, let alone three.The drama was an adaptation of the British play Dont Dress for Dinner.He has also directed popular television dramas such Dekona Gini, I love Jenny and My Sweet Stanly.

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This proves the level of appreciation and the criticism that Flying Fish has received. It relates my childhood and how I lost myself on exemplary characters that I admired in life. I have no clue as to how the Sri Lankan audience might accept it.