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Enfp dating enfp

On some popular social media websites, more people are disclosing their personality type based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

This is perhaps intended to allow those who are looking for a partner to find such important information.

Instead, we’re going to talk about why ENFPs and INFJs have a reputation in Myers-Briggs circles for getting along so well.

In contrast, introverted intuition processes observations internally.

They both have Feeling as the co-pilot process they used to make decisions.

Thinking is their tertiary function, which is less well developed but still accessible.

Personality Hacker is an organization designed to help people leverage their own mental processes to optimize whatever can be optimized: productivity, communication, job satisfaction, and most importantly – happiness.

When we get these needs met we stop being so myopic and start seeing a bigger picture.

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And he’s not scattered or flaky (which, it turns out, is another of those unfair/too widely applied stereotypes bouncing around Myers-Briggs circles).