Down syndrome online dating drug dealer dating site

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Down syndrome online dating

It’s also really hard to ask someone out for a date.For me I get so nervous asking someone out for a date.We’re thinking about moving in together as well, we’d love a really big house with extra bedrooms for when people stay over, and I think we will just go from there.I love everything about being in a relationship with Erin but my favourite thing would be her ringing me up every day to make sure I’m safe and well.We’re just taking things one step at a time and moving forward in our relationship.I think one of the biggest barriers to people with a disability finding love can be their parents.Someone who loves travelling, and going on cruises, and someone who can also stay out until 3 in the morning because that’s what I like doing.

In the future I see me and Erin potentially getting married, we just want to be husband and wife, it might take a few years but eventually we will get there.

My perfect date would be horseback riding along the beach during the day and then take her out for a dinner cruise in the evening. I’m looking for someone who is honest, someone who knows what she wants.

Someone who is really active, and likes to get out there and love life.

I did have a girlfriend but she recently broke up with me.

I was pretty upset for a few days afterwards but then I just decided to move on with my own life. I’ve tried online dating sites but it’s really hard to choose who will be the best person for me.

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I met Erin several years ago and we’ve had our ups and downs over the past year but we met again last year at a Dates and Mates Christmas party and it brought us closer together. She’s a beautiful lady, a very lovely person and I’m just in love with her.

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