Dating pregnancy right after miscarriage

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The measurements had me at 7 weeks, 4 days, which was right on target] My relief was huge! It was this moment that I started to think of myself as two people going through life together.

The doctor came in next and said everything looked great.

My eating habits were pretty normal throughout the weekend – normal meaning I had my old appetite back! I bolted to the bathroom, wondering if I was about to have some kind of sickness and (sorry if this is TMI) while I was on the toilet, I started to faint! At that point, I felt the need to throw up and did so a few times.It didn’t hurt, but it was a lot of poking around in there! I was holding my breath waiting to see a flicker of motion others had described. Seconds later, I saw the words “measuring fetal heartbeat” and a zigzag graph – I knew a heartbeat had been found!Within seconds I saw the baby – a nice white blob in an open cavity. And then: 166 bpm: [Note that the gestational age here says 9 weeks, but since I ovulated late and they based that off the last period, it was inaccurate. I know many women say this, but I just couldn’t believe there was a baby inside of me.Reply The kid’s like barely the size of a lime or whatever. And I think things are cleared up now in the comments.For some of us it’s “just” bread, but to him it’s his job, the income he needs to keep the bakery afloat.

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Karen arrived a few minutes later to find me covered in sweat on the bathroom floor.

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