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It's a constant win instead of getting the frustration of different people with different body rhythms different heights and then having one of them trying to take home gold by going faster than the other etc. If YOU ARE WONDERING WHAT I LOOK FOR IN A SEXUAL PARTNER....

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Role play sex, *** sex(distasteful joke) but the way I see it. I sorta like rough sex but not so rough as to be borderline sadistic sex. Except that I haven't found someone who lets me pee on them with no warnings without getting slapped really hard, in at least 4 years maybe 3. Meanwhile the girl with the strap on behind me positions her imitation phallus directly against my hot hole without inserting, and then stays still without moving.

Love dirty sex, kinky sex, funny sex, silent sex, sexual exercises. So it may be possible in this lifetime in this universe. I'm not saying it will and I'm not saying it won't. I also fantasize that I can be fucking while getting fucked simultaneously. The girl in front of me is bent over but staying still, then I insert my phallus into the designated area all the way in.

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