Cambridge university speed dating

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Cambridge university speed dating

’ There’s a long pause till we both shake our heads, stunned as to just what a disatrorous idea it would be. Doug and I met in the corridor both looking a bit shifty.

Add your Dating event free of charge, using our Promotion Centre.I turned and tried to find him, interrupted by ‘Oh, sorry, they are all wearing glasses’. There were 22 men, 3 with pony-tails and an informed guess would be another 3 with trousers around their belly buttons. French Emmanuel told me how he was designing i Phone applications – one that solves any Sudoku in 10 seconds when you take a photo of it and then another that swaps faces round in photos.10 were in their late 20’s and 5 were older than that. I asked him to demonstrate and it emerged he didn’t know how to use an i Phone camera.The charities they supported last year each received a cheque for a staggering £6,500.Overall the RAG activities raised a colossal £173,036.42!

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In the sweaty madness of the Fresher’s Fair I had chocolates and roses pressed into my clammy leaflet stuffed hands and then and there I became a member of Cambridge Romance Society.