Art is intimidating

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"Iron Mike" claimed he used his intimidation as psychological warfare to give him an added advantage prior to and during the fight.

Once he discovered that vulnerability, he looked to exploit that weakness from the opening bell.

According to Edwin Pope of the Miami Herald, a young Jack Dempsey would frequently bar-hop. Legend has it Dempsey would ask bartenders, "Do you have any bad customers that you want to get rid of, and if you do, I'll fight him and we'll split the pot."Even a young, green Jack Dempsey feared no one.

Dempsey's illustrious career included an spine-tingling 24 first round knockouts.

The third annual Façade Festival features ten internationally recognized British Columbian artists, including Indigenous artist Shawn Hunt and digital artist Evann Siebens.

"It's huge and intimidating," Siebens told Gloria Macarenko, guest host of .

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It is settled that it is a tort in a three-party situation, that is, where A threatens B that if he does not do something to C, A will do something unlawful to B.

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