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Thomas told the Post that the FBI has had these tools for years but uses "Rattingly" (the webcam spying tool) sparingly.

Szymon Sidor is a Polish-born software engineering genius currently working for Dropbox as an intern.

Before that, he served two internships with Google working on Google Chrome and Google Analytics.

He is working on his Ph D at MIT and writes a blog called Snacks for Your Mind.

Sidor's latest "snack" is a demonstration of how the cameras on your Android Smartphone can be turned on without you knowing it, and sequential photos sent to a third party over the Internet.

You may choose between C925e, B525 or C930e depending on the functionality needs and price sensitivity.

For more information about VSee telepresence system, to see VSee’s remote PTZ feature in action, or to purchase a customized Minrray for VSee, please contact sales.

Stephen Bryen, Chairman & CTO Ziklag Systems Spying through smartphone cameras, computer webcams, laptops and tablets is widespread and governments have been checking people out for years.

It’s a nice choice for telemedicine with its wide 90-degree diagonal field of view and Pan-Tilt-Zoom. It also has a 9″ stick mount for eye-level video conferencing.

It’s designed for group conferencing and has built-in omni-directional speaker phones, remote control, and 8 feet of cord length compared with the Orbit’s 6 feet.

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Reports in the UK say that NSA engineers helped GCHQ develop the Optic Nerve program.

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